Ana Lequio or Ana Sandra Lequio: the legal reason to register the great-granddaughter of Alfonso XIII with the name of Lequio

“Is called Ana Sandra Lequio Obregón. Sandra for her dad, of course. And Ana as her grandmother, as her great-grandmother and as her great-grandmother,” says Ana.

The full name of the newborn, according to her legal mother or her biological grandmother, is therefore Ana Sandra Lequio Obregón. We fast forward days ago that the name of the little girl is Ana Lequio Obregón, without adding Sandra, because that’s how she was registered, using Lequio as her middle name, not her last name.

Which, although Sandra was added later, has a simple explanation: the legal mother is Ana, even if she is the grandmother, but the The actress wanted to force the “Lequio” in the registry from the beginning so that it would appear together with the surname Obregón, that of the person who appears as the mother on the North American registration form, for all formal purposes.

Compound names are not new in aristocratic families and, let’s not forget, Ana Lequio es thorny of Alfonso XIII, since she is the granddaughter of Alessandro Lequio Curiously, both the newborn’s grandfather and grandmother (paternal, since the egg is from an unknown donor) have a second name that they never use: Ana is actually anna victoria, and the Italian is Alessandro Vittorio Eugenio Lequio di Assaba and Torlonia. In other words, they are namesakes with a second name, although they never use it. Ana Sandra Lequio will be Ana Lequio Obregón.

Alessandro Lequio He is the maternal grandson of the Infanta Beatriz de Borbón, thus being the great-grandson of Alfonso XIII and second cousin of Felipe VI of Spain. Therefore, Aless Lequio, the girl’s posthumous father, was a great-great-grandson of the Spanish monarch. In the same way, the baby that has just been born is, through the paternal route, the great-great-granddaughter of Juan Carlos I’s grandfather. Beatriz, Lequio’s maternal grandmother (the mother of Alessandra Torlonias) was the third of the children of Alfonso XIII and Victoria Eugenia of Battenberg.

American passport with this name: Ana Lequio Obregón

Asked if Ana Obregon She is going to be her mother legally, even if she is her grandmother, the actress confirms it. “The girl was born in America and He will have an American passport and dual citizenship. Legally she is my daughter and that is how it appears in her passport,” he says.

“I’ll register her at the Spanish Consulate and then I can bring her home.” They confirm that the name registered in the US of the girl is Ana Lequio Obregón, and they will add the name of Sandra as a tribute: Sandra in Italian is Alejandra, like her son, but also Sandra is the name of the mother of Alessandro Lequio, Sandra Torlonia (Alessandra).

“She will call me the same as Aless called her grandmother: Bela. I’m going to be Bela and as soon as she can remember, I’ll tell her,” she answers. I’ll tell him: ‘Look, your dad wanted you and unfortunately he’s not here. He is in heaven. He wanted you so much and here you are, my life, “he explains

“I am not going to lie to her. I have always gone with the truth ahead. Why am I going to say that she is my adopted daughter? No, I am not going to hide it. And I am going to give her all the love I have. And she will to be a healthy and happy girl. Because it’s my turn, you know? It’s my turn,” she repeats.

“It has been a total of five years of suffering. Two years fighting side by side with my son against cancer, living through the most horrible situations. And then I have dedicated myself to others. I have dedicated myself to my son’s foundation, we have projects , we are already financing very important trials for childhood cancer”, says Ana.