Ana Herminia confesses that she is “in treatment” and that she does not pick up the phone from Finito de Córdoba: “But we have a very pure affection for each other”

This portal announced, on April 25, that Ana Herminia and Finito de Córdoba had known each other for a long time and that thanks to The survivors, where Ángel Cristo Jr. and Arantxa del Sol participated, have met again. The nature of the relationship they had occupied hours in the Telecinco television talk shows and the two women even starred in a (friendly) face to face live, and another not so peaceful one in makeup.

“I was attacked in a very mean way,” Herminia said shortly after. “After the program I was attacked in a very low manner by the lady, by the lady from high society (Arantxa del Sol). I have contact with the public in which I feel very loved and when I I went to greet them and she started yelling at me, telling me that I was fake and that I was bad. Then I found out that what she was afraid of was that I would tell things that she doesn’t want people to know.”

The war on Telecinco ended when the bullfighter’s wife was expelled from all Mediaset programs after confessing the slap she gave Ángel on the famous boat.

Ana Herminia talks about Finito again

But the one who has now spoken again about Finito de Córdoba has been Ana Herminia herself in an exclusive with Ten minutespublished this Wednesday: “I didn’t pick up the phone because I’m undergoing treatment, I don’t feel well, I put my phone on silent”. It must be remembered that in his interview in Friday She already announced that she and Ángel were going to see psychologists: “Of course we are going to start psychological treatment, these two and a half months have caused us a lot of damage”. In that interview last Friday on the Santi Acosta set, she already said that Finito had called her by phone after Ángel Cristo’s expulsion and assured that she did not fuck him. However, he stressed – in the future – that they were going to start “psychological treatment” and now says that he did not pick up the phone because she was already in treatment. Something doesn’t fit.

At the same time, the Venezuelan speaks of the possible legal retaliation that Finito could undertake against her: “I see a lot of information that he wants to sue, I don’t know why”. Ana Herminia, apparently, refers to the information provided by Alexia Rivas that Arantxa del Sol’s husband would be willing to sue her. However, she does not give more information and they do not ask her more about it.

She, however, gets involved and assures that there are no reasons to receive a lawsuit: “I speak well of him and with the friendship and affection that unites us. We have a very pure affection for each other that I believe will continue like this.”. Although he says that she has not said anything that could bother him, he also adds about the bullfighter: “I understand it because he is in a very uncomfortable situation. Many things are said that are not true”.

And she sentences, ensuring that she has a lot of material that she could have brought to light to put together a story: “If I wanted that topic to come out, I would have brought it up years ago because I have many photos with him, even of my daughter with him. I could have put together a story sooner if I had wanted to”. “That topic,” and he leaves it there, without giving more details among so much incongruity.

According to Arantxa del Sol before being expelled from Mediaset, her friendship with Ángel Cristo in Honduras was abruptly broken when she learned (according to her version) that Bárbara Rey’s son and his girlfriend were thinking of making a business out of her friendship with the bullfighter. with whom he had a “fooling around” when he was young. Del Sol was so angry that he seriously insulted her partner and even gave her “a slap in the face”, which is why Mediaset decided to erase her time in Fuencarral.