With a million dollar liability insurance policy that protects you from defamation lawsuits, anyone would feel well covered in court trouble. I thought so Amber Heard that she has countersued her insurer, New York Marine and General Insurance Co., for wanting to lay her off. The actress is going to fight against the company to avoid judicially taking charge of the sentence and the costs of the trial for ill-treatment that Amber lost against her ex-husband, Johnny Depp.

Before the sentence, the company sued Heard and for this they argued that they were free to make the policy effective. They were based on the fact that the jury found that Amber had willfully misconduct in defaming Johnny. Under California law, the insurer saw a way out to get rid of the policy and interpret that they are not responsible.

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Amber has defended herself and filed the counterclaim on the contrary argument: that New York Marine promised to pay her defense costs and lawsuits against her up to $1 million, regardless of content. That is the unconditional deal she claims they made with her, and she claims they have not fulfilled her part of her agreement.

the interpreter of Aquaman he wants to get a judge to agree with him and rule that the insurance company is breaching the contract, as the US news portal has published TMZ.

It must be remembered that after six weeks of an intense judicial process held last June, a popular jury ruled in favor of Johnny Depp in the trial against his ex-wife. The young actress was sentenced to pay 15 million euros to the protagonist of Pirates of the Caribbean, for a crime of libel and slander, having accused him of having physically and psychologically mistreated her during their marriage. He was also convicted of defamation, although he was facing three charges, with compensation of two million euros.