The players of the German team left one of the images so far at the World Cup in Qatar after their starting eleven for this Wednesday’s duel against Japan posed in the previous photo with their mouths covered in protest at the FIFA warning of sporting sanctions if its captain, Manuel Neuer, wore the ‘One Love’ armband as a sign of support for diversity and inclusion, rights that are not respected in the host country.

“With our captain’s armband we wanted to set an example of the values ​​we live by in the national team: diversity and mutual respect. Being strong together with other countries. This is not a political message: human rights are not negotiable,” the Federation said. German in her official ‘Twitter’ profile next to the photo.

The body recalled that “that should be obvious”, but that, “unfortunately”, it was not yet. “That’s why this message is so important to us. Banning us from the bracelet is like banning our mouths. Our position stands,” she said.