Amancio Ortega already has his new megayacht: this is how it is sailed for 182 million euros

Amancio Ortega (87) is celebrating, because he has finally managed to sell his superyacht, a Drizzle that was among the 25 most expensive boats in the world. The founder of Inditex has sold it for 76 million euros after putting it on the market in 2021, when he decided to buy a larger boat, which will debut this summer, and for which he has paid a much larger amount.

The tycoon has paid 182 million euros for the megayacht that will replace his previous ship: the Project 2024, 72 meters long. At the moment, he hopes that the Feadship shipyard will deliver it to him before summer so he can enjoy it during the holiday season, as reported this Wednesday The voice of Galicia.

The megayacht, which Feadship designed in collaboration with Nauta Design, It has three decks, which include a helipad, a 3.3-meter-wide pool, a playground and a jacuzzi., located in the most secluded area. It has an area of ​​564 square meters and is dominated by large windows, white color and high-quality wood.

The ship also has a large master suite and nine cabins. From the outside, the straight and futuristic lines stand out, and from the inside, the design of a dining room for 12 people and a large living area with direct communication with the sea, according to Feadship in the description of the yacht.

Goodbye to your Drizzle

According to the aforementioned media, the sale was carried out through Hamilton Marinethe Mallorcan company that until the time of the sale explained that the boat was commissioned “by owners who have enjoyed many good times on board in their previous one.”

Amancio Ortega and his family launched the Drizzle, with which they used to travel around the Mediterraneanin 2012, and was attached to the Maltese company Claritas Company.

It also preserves another smaller yacht, the Valoria 2, which belongs to Pontegadea. This ship is the one that usually travels through the Galician estuaries.