“Álvaro has been unfaithful to you”

The soap opera between Alvaro Muñoz Escassi and Maria Jose Suarez continues. And after the miss lashed out at her ex in front of the press microphones, this Tuesday the reason for her love disappointment has come to light. Since Public mirror They have said that he cheated on her repeatedly with another woman, a very unpleasant piece of news that she found out about, with all kinds of details, through an email that she described as “disgusting.”

Although the model refuses to tell what the terrible news was that she received at the end of her cruise with the jockey, new details are now known about the betrayal from which she is still recovering. According to the journalist Miquel Valls, the miss received an email where, point by point, she was told why had been “victim” of “the biggest love scam of his life”.

The columnist commented that the email was divided into five parts. “The first point said: ‘Álvaro has been unfaithful to you'”has advanced. The rest of the points contained the name of Escassi’s lover and the number of times he met her, the intentions that Álvaro had with said woman, the sexual practices they engaged in and the promises he made to her at the expense of María José.

This information clarifies the reasons why the model was not prepared to see her ex last Saturday at the El Turronero party. She said on Monday that both she and her family had had a “bad time” because, Despite the rider’s history, she was in love.

The version of Maria Jose Suarez

“I’m in the process of coming to terms with everything that’s happened in the last ten days. I’m not going to run out and tell you everything’s fine, I mean, things have happened. A week ago I was on a cruise with Álvaro. After I had asked him for some time to spend more time with my son, he decided to come on the cruise that I had planned, in an attempt to make more plans with me, with the child, to fix things. And the truth is that it was great, we had a great time on the cruise,” she explained to reporters, denying that their breakup was prior and that they continued their trip due to a business agreement.

“The only thing they have paid us is the trip, because well, it was an exchange, like a thousand trips, but they have not paid us anything, nor have we played any role. It was not a setup because Álvaro paid for his ticket, that is, because Mine was already with the child, and Alvaro took his ticket in an attempt to fix things and make sure we were okay with the child and so on.”he added.

Visibly affected, she said that everything became complicated when she landed in Madrid: “When I got back from the cruise, I heard some very unpleasant news, which I spent three or four days absorbing in shock, and now I also found out about Hiba. So, it was all like… let me process this.”“It’s unpleasant news that affected both of us,” he admitted, without confirming or denying the rumors of an alleged infidelity. “Right now what I want is for time to pass, to recover, to heal and not to know anything about this person, obviously”he confessed without hiding his pain.

The model is clear that “You can get out of this and I have gotten out of worse situations, for me, I don’t know how to tell you… I have gotten out of worse situations,” But she admits that it is “a very unpleasant situation” and that both she and her closest circle “have had a very bad time.”