The reason why Anabel Pantoja sold the exclusive of her pregnancy (and it’s not just for money)

She announced her pregnancy in an exclusive and the news surprised many of those who know her. And not because Anabel had never expressed her desire to be a mother, but because it seemed surprising that she didn’t do so on Ana Rosa Quintana’s show., TardeARwhere she sits in a chair. It is true that Anabel has never had the courtesy to share her news in the spaces where she worked, but on this occasion the situation was very different.

The presenter doesn’t miss a beat and Anabel knew that this could bother her a lot, to the point that she could do without her collaborations, which until now, are comfortable and very well paid. So, Why did Anabel betray her boss? Well, weeks after it appeared on the cover of Readingswe know what happened. According to what we are told, “Anabel was forced by circumstances. She found out something about David Rodriguez, her current partner and father of her son, that she didn’t want everyone to know about and decided to give an interview and say that she was expecting a baby,” says a person who knows the story very well.

Much has been said about the relationship between David and Anabel and many have also questioned its stability. In fact, in As if we were Shhh They have even spoken about infidelity, a fact that made Anabel explode on social networks: “Can you stop already? It is quite strong that you do not continue your work and life without mentioning me. Because I have continued living without doing so. And you work and continue living without having to mention or talk about anyone. You just have to get up early and work hard. So leave me alone. As if I did not exist for you. And on the way, as an great one says: Buy yourself a life,” she wrote, remembering her aunt. And according to what we are told, his decision to give an exclusive again has a lot to do with this. “Perhaps some photographs that he would not want to see the light of day and would be kept in a drawer”they point out to us.

According to what has been learned Informalia, There are some pictures of Anabel Pantoja’s boyfriend circulating in some newsrooms that could cause a stirAnd it is these images that have led Anabel to have to negotiate her interview announcing her pregnancy. The curious thing is that these images are still in circulation and could come to light at any moment.

Anabel and David met a little over a year ago, during Isabel Pantoja’s American tourHe, a physiotherapist by profession, has a consultation in Córdoba, at Mariló’s clinic, until very recently a close friend of the singer, and it was she who recommended him. During the time they spent in the United States, the spark arose, but she was still dating Yulen Pereira and it seems that nothing happened. It was upon her return when the fencer left her when Anabel took a step with David and since then they have not separated, well, only for work reasons. As we have already said, he works in the Andalusian city, although he combines it with another clinic in the Canary Islands, and she has established her residence in the islands, where she recently bought a house, although she travels a lot to Madrid and Seville, where her Madrid lives.

Anabel’s decision to be a mother with David has attracted a lot of attention, especially considering, as we reported in this newspaper and recently told by Omar Suárez, Anabel’s ex-partner, that she would never become a mother with him. She doesn’t even want to think about it. “Something very serious happened between them,” we said. And the fact is that their marriage barely lasted four months and she confessed that she should never have gotten married. Despite this, Anabel, as soon as she met David, expressed her desire to have a baby and they immediately tried. In fact, last October, according to her, they lost the baby. Now, Anabel is happy with her little belly, which she takes care of like nothing else in the world. Her relationship with her physiotherapist is a completely different matter, and God knows how long it will last.