Almería seeks to fulfill the saying

Almería visits Castalia tomorrow (7:00 pm) and does so with the aim of winning for the first time in its history after a defeat and a defeat in the two confrontations between the Almeria team and the Castellón team at the home of the latter. The first time the two met was on June 17, 2006. It was the last day of the league and neither was playing anything. Those of Paco Flores had run out of promotion options, while Moré's men arrived saved after beating Real Madrid Castilla de Negredo, Soldado and company at home the previous day.

Shield / Flag Almería

It was precisely a man from Almeria and former UDA, Raúl Sánchez, who opened the can in 85 ', sentencing his partner Fukuda two minutes later. On September 24 of the same year, both teams met again. It was the fifth date of the 05-06 season, a day after that well-known victory against Cádiz, with those coached by Unai Emery suffering the most famous penalty in the history of the Second Division. Castellón did have the same coach.

That season that culminated with the rojiblanco ascent, Almería did get a point from Castalia. Yes, the rojiblancos were unable to see the goal and it had to be Baigorri, in his own door, the one that overtook the visitors in minute 53, matching Natalio a quarter of an hour later, who curiously ended up in the following season at Almería. Tomorrow, fourteen years later, both teams will meet again in Castellón.