Almeida and Teresa Urquijo’s wedding list totals 85,000 euros: from 14-euro coasters to a 7,000-euro rug

There are just over two weeks left until one of the most anticipated weddings of the year, that of the mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeidacon Teresa Urquijo. The Popular Party politician and his fiancée will get married on April 6 in the church of San Francisco de Borja, located on Maldonado Street, in the Salamanca neighborhood of Madrid. Subsequently, the celebration will be at the bride’s family farm, Los Molinillos, located in Navalagamella (Colmenar Viejo), where the 500 guests who are expected to attend the reception will travel.

And with the preparations almost complete, the bride and groom have thought of a whole detail: making the gift-giving thing easier for their guests. Therefore, with the help of the wedding planner Coral Ossorio -as reported this Thursday by the program Public mirror-, the mayor and his fiancée have prepared a 40-page wedding list valued at 85,000 euros full of “classic” and very practical gifts for the new home they plan to live in together.

But let no guest at the feast be scared: within the wishes of the bride and groom there are options for all budgets. In fact, as Ossorio herself has commented to the magazine Susanna Griso, the most affordable gift is a set of coasters, valued at 14 euros. Of course, the couple have indicated that they need seven for their new home. From there, there are all kinds of objects, household items and utensils destined for the proposals on the list, from two sets of tableware – the most expensive costs 1,115 euros – to a refrigerator or a barbecue. But they have also included some other furniture such as five armchairs, five bookcases, shelves, seven coffee tables and even a barbecue. “It’s a very classic list, it has things from a lifetime and focused on receiving friends and family,” says Ossorio.

It was last June when Almeida, 48, made his relationship official with Teresa Urquijo, a 27-year-old investment analyst and aristocrat who descends from the Borbón family and the doctor and scientist Gregorio Marañón. Finally, the countdown for the mayor of Madrid to abandon his bachelorhood has begun.