All the photos from your trip to Egypt

This year she has surprised us. We are used to seeing her in her bikini and her sunhat in exotic beach destinations, Alba Carrillo She has changed her mindset and has begun her summer vacation in Egypt. Accompanied by her mother, Lucía, and her son Lucas, the fruit of her relationship with Fonsi Nieto, she has shared with her followers the first images of this long-awaited trip: “Lucas is excited. It was his dream to come and mine to come with him”has said.

The model is excited: “Another dream come true in 2024. This morning, walking among temples and columns, I came across a feather. Coincidence? Since I’m very into signs, I picked it up and put it in my phone case. We’ll see what it wants to tell me… Egypt is a dream and I’m ready to read its signs,” she wrote alongside a carousel of images from her first day of sightseeing.

Despite the heat and the early mornings, Alba is delighted with this mystical journey: “I was afraid that Lucas would suffer with the early mornings of the excursions or that it would be too much information for him but, without leaving the rest of us too far behind, he is the one who is learning and enjoying the most with this trip,” she said. “We will never forget what we are seeing and experiencing. It will remain forever in our book of beautiful memories that give strength on difficult days, my mental photographs that I do not print because they remain with indelible ink in my heart.”

Embarking on a luxury cruise along the Nile, Alba also found time to cool off in the pool on the deck and sunbathe in a nautical-inspired swimsuit.

This is her first summer after her breakup with Alex Coves. Alba announced her relationship with the businessman at Christmas but their love did not last long: four months and a trip to Samaná, Dominican Republic. “I’m not with him. Things happen… I’ve been happy (…) It hasn’t been a stormy thing or anything like that, but this week has been a bit complicated,” she said on TVE.