María José Suárez does not believe Escassi’s whining and says that he is only trying to whitewash his infidelities

“I’m not as bad as they make me out to be and it hurts me that María José is suffering”. This is how he expressed himself Alvaro Muñoz Escassi this Tuesday in his first statements after the scandal he is involved in these days. A message that he launched with a broken voice and of which Maria Jose Suarez She doesn’t believe a word of it. Her closest circle says she is furious at the excuses of the rider, who claimed to have had sexual relations with other women during the “crises and estrangements” with the model, something she was unaware of: “I just found out that we once broke up,” she said.

The former Miss Spain never considered these crises as breakups in which each person could live their own life and is furious at the statements of the rider: “He says he wanted to whitewash his infidelities”Luis Pliego said this Wednesday in TardeAR. María José also points out that during the three years of her relationship with Álvaro there was only one break-up, days before the cruise, when she discovered him lying about his whereabouts (he told her he was on his way to Bilbao but he was at his house in Madrid): “It was a 10-day break, more or less. And she broke up because she suspected something. Afterwards they reconciled on the cruise to the Norwegian fjords.”they say.

It should be remembered that it was precisely upon returning from that reconciliation trip that everything exploded into the air. María José received an email informing her that Álvaro had been unfaithful to her, with evidence and data that left no room for doubt. And not only that: this woman claimed a debt of 1,500 euros for his services. Escassi filed a lawsuit that same day, June 22, which he later withdrew to reach a private agreement with the woman: 1,700 euros in exchange for settling the matter. The day she paid them, María José announced her breakup on social media.

The model is very hurt and angry, overwhelmed by the situation and the humiliation of having become the involuntary protagonist of such an unpleasant topic. This Wednesday, in fact, has cancelled his attendance at an event where his presence was expected: “It is overwhelmed”the officials said. He does attend social networks, where he is giving ‘likes’ to messages such as “That man does not respect any woman” or “I am convinced that you are being very elegant, you are worth more for what you keep quiet about.”