Alive: “Santos Borré is a very interesting player”

Rafael Santos Borré It was one of those signings that happened on his tiptoe through the Atlético de Madrid. Well, the Colombian has become one of the fashionable players in the Argentine League and could make the leap to Europe again.

In Argentina they asked the third mattress coach about how they saw from the Atlético de Madrid to the Colombian striker. “He is a very interesting player. We have followed his campaign, as we usually do with all players. We know of his present good and that it is the patrimony of the club. Beyond that, I cannot give any information. We consider how well he has done, he is a very interesting player but I don't know River's intentions, ”Vivas explained to Líbero.

The coach, who will become second to Simeone in a few weeks, preferred not to enter further evaluations of a player who could reach Atlético in the next transfer window, if he convinced Diego Pablo Simeon

The future of Santos Borre it has become one of the issues under debate in Argentina. His great season in River Plate It has led several European teams to take an interest in its services. In case of signing for a team, the mattresses could make a box for him. We'll see what happens …