Alexia: “If you don’t really like football, you end up hating it”

“I have the feeling of having spent a lot of time in a cave”, recognized the double Ballon d’Or


FC Barcelona footballer Alexia Putellas, double Ballon d’Or winner, stated that if you don’t like football “for real” you could end up “hating it” and confessed that she has come to have the impression of having spent “a long time in a cave” before to reach the top of world football.

In an interview for the magazine ‘Glamour’ collected by Europa Press, Alexia Putellas defines her profession as “the best in the world” and revealed what it means to wear the number eleven, the number she chose for the former Brazilian striker for the Barça team Rivaldo, to be left-handed and deal with the sadness after a serious injury.

“Sometimes I do have the feeling of having spent a lot of time like in a cave, because your priorities are different from those of the majority of your generation. It is a 24/7 profession that also does not last your whole life, only the time you you are in the elite. Perhaps it is similar to what musicians live”, he commented.

Putellas celebrated having been lucky enough to play in a field with 90,000 fans like the Spotify Camp Nou. “You represent so many people and there are so many people waiting for you to win. That’s very peculiar,” he said.

He remembers his father coming home from work “bursted” and having to wait for him to get out of training and after the shower. “Many times they gave us eleven at night. The other day I was watching the little ones from Barça, who are very good and, of course, you see all the indications they are given. Neither my generation nor the previous ones had that. Now they really train “, he indicated.

When she was injured, she confessed that she began to be sad when she saw her teammates in the Spain-England match at the 2022 Women’s Euro Cup. “They are games that I love to play and suddenly I realized that I was not going to play them. And the same thing has happened to me This week, the team (Barcelona) is playing the quarterfinals against Roma, this weekend we’re playing against Real Madrid and they’re games that make me sick and see that you can’t, that you’re incapacitated. But I couldn’t say if it was worse then or now. I try to contribute what I can from my situation, but then I get home and I’m sad. It’s like that”, he said.

Regarding the passion with which he lives football, he pointed out that “if you don’t really like football, you won’t have lasting success”. “You will end up hating this because extreme emotions are experienced,” said the Barca international.