Alejandra Rubio, with a knife against Ana Herminia: “Be informed a little more about what feminism is”

Ana Herminia This Wednesday she became one of the protagonists of the social chronicle after her exclusive in Ten minutesmagazine in which he has defended Angel Christ Jr tooth and nail, declaring that she will support him “if he wants to be with his mother” even though she does not want to get too close to him. Barbara Rey. And, furthermore, he has denounced that the former contestant of Survivors He has been, in his opinion, unfairly singled out by several women, since he is a “feminist.” Some words that Alejandra Rubio questioned this Wednesday at the debate table of This is life, where has invited the Venezuelan to reflect on feminism.

“He has experienced false accusations from women. It sounded sexist, but I couldn’t have endured two weeks of insults. He is very feminist, I am his queen. He doesn’t even let me carry my bag. Zero sexist. “People forget that she had a stroke and have problems expressing themselves.” With these words, Ana Herminia has defended Sofía Cristo’s brother. And these statements have been, precisely, those that have caught the attention of María’s granddaughter Teresa Campos. “Be informed a little more about what feminism is, because having her carry your bag is a nice gesture, but it’s not just that”he said on the set.

For its part, Carmen Borrego He has not kept quiet either and, after his niece’s words, he added that “he would go further”: “I would tell Ana Herminia that the partner should not get involved in the problems that a person has with his family. What happens to him to Ángel with his mother that they solve it or that they don’t solve it, but When a couple gets into a family problem, things never go well.“.

A warning that stems from the friction he has with his son José María Almoguerawho in recent months has witnessed several comings and goings with his partner Paola Olmedo. At the moment, neither Sofía Cristo nor Bárbara Rey, who are spending this Wednesday together, have commented on Ana Herminia’s words.