Alejandra Rubio pays tribute to her grandmother, María Teresa Campos, on the first Christmas without her: “This year is very strange”

On the occasion of the Christmas celebrations, Fiesta broadcast a special to celebrate Christmas Eve among the talk shows. A special that featured the presence of Alejandra Rubio to pay tribute to his grandmother, after her goodbye last September.

In a month in which goodbyes have followed one after another, Fiesta has once again remembered the figure of Maria Teresa Campos. While Alejandra and Pipi Estrada They prepared the “peace cake”, Emma Garcia He did not hesitate to praise the daughter's look. Terelu Campos: a fuchsia two-piece suit that had belonged to his grandmother.

“You look great, but maybe a little shorter,” Estrada said, while Emma commented on the possibility of changing her hairstyle for one more appropriate. It was then that Luis Rollán approached the young woman and said: “Can I tell you something? It's a super nice thing.”

Faced with the silence and the gaze of the public on the set, Luis added: “Today is Christmas Eve and this outfit that Alejandra is wearing was from María Teresa Campos.” A phrase that raised applause on the set and a smile from Emma García. “Yes, because, furthermore, the director had asked me not to come in black. As you know, the outfits I choose are usually almost all black. I said: 'Come on, I'll wear one of grandma's outfits today!' “Alejandra explained. “How beautiful!” Emma García exclaimed with a smile.

“I didn't want to say it because I was very ashamed,” confessed Terelu's daughter. “This is a beautiful, sentimental thing,” added the host of the program and then asked her about her memories with her grandmother on these important dates and her first Christmases without her. A question that moved Alejandra and that she answered with a broken voice: “For me, this year is very strange, really. Different.”

And the thing is, the Campos clan always celebrated Christmas with their family and at the home of the matriarch, María Teresa. “In recent years, we have celebrated it at my mother's house, but before it was at her house. She always organized, she put different dishes for all of us to choose from. She loved Christmas, especially giving gifts,” he added with emotion. .