Alejandra Rubio lets herself be loved by a former Barça footballer and Terelu gives them his blessing

The granddaughter of Maria Teresa Campos His heart has already healed after breaking up last January with the man from Malaga Carlos Agüera after a year and a half of relationship. The smile and illusion in love has been returned to him by a former FC Barcelona footballer.

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Is about Carles Aleña (25), who currently plays for Getafe CF. Magazine Pronto has shared some images of the passionate kiss they share Alexandra Rubio (23) and the Catalan athlete through the streets of Madrid who leave no doubt that a great affection has arisen between them.

According to the publication, which advances its cover this Sunday, the relationship of young people already has the blessing of Terelu Campos. Carmen Borrego’s sister “was having a drink with them and said goodbye to the athlete very affectionately,” they explain.

Other boys like the DJ have passed through Alejandra’s heart alvaro wolf, seven years older than her. They were dating for two years and even moved into a flat in the Madrid neighborhood of Malasaña together, but their high-profile discussions ended up breaking the relationship. In 2020, the little girl from the ‘Campos clan’ had an ephemeral romance with Tassio de la Vega, a young architect from Segovia. With Aguera, his most recent break, he did not make his romance official until 2022. Aleñá, for his part, spent eight years with the mother of his son Luca, Ingrid Gaixas.