Dressed to raise: Ana Obregón, hunted in Miami after being a mother

“I’m happy! Surrounded by diapers, bottles, all pink, full of bows and smelling of cologne, how wonderful!” Are the words with which she described Ana Obregon in Hola her new reality: mother by surrogate pregnancy, and at the same time grandmother at 68 years old.

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The truth is that in the midst of all the media hurricane that has been generated both nationally and internationally, the actress is focused on the care that the little girl requires Ana Lequio Obregónwho was born on March 20 in Miami.

This Friday, the protagonist of Ana and the 7 He left the apartment that he has rented for the first time to have a coffee and do some quick errands. As can be seen in the photos that it spreads Fiesta This Sunday, the actress looks comfortable in a long pink dress, a cap to protect herself from the city’s sun, and sneakers. She accompanied the “off-road mommy” look with a Chanel bag of about “5,000 euros”, according to the collaborators. Ana has abandoned the mourning that she had kept since her son Aless died in 2020. She also does not wear jewelry, not even the diamond necklace with the name of her son that she had not taken off until now.

From the Telecinco program they explain that while Obregón was away, a pediatric nurse in charge stayed with the girl. how we collected, Sandra Aladrodirector of the agency that photographed Ana Obregón in Miami with her newborn daughter leaving the hospital, assured that the apartment in which Ana is installed with the girl costs more than 8,000 euros a month, and it is that it has some comforts such as sea ​​views on the beachfront and a supermarket in the same building.

The girl’s name is Ana Lequio Obregón

In the adoption document that Ana Obregón signed when her daughter was born by surrogacy, it is stated that the baby has the compound name of Ana Lequio and her only last name is Obregón, exactly as Informalia announced for the first time on April 1stdays before Ana Obregón herself said in the exclusive sold to Hola that the newborn is her granddaughter, she is conceived from the sperm of her son Aless, who died three years ago, and is called Ana Sandra Lequio Obregón.