Nothing else to land in Valencia, Omar Alderete arrived, saw and won. The Paraguayan has been undisputed starter for José Bordalás Since the first day he played as a Valencian player and to date, only one appointment has been missed and it has been due to the yellow warning cycle. The consolidation of Alderete supposes, on the one hand, that in the club che They got it right by incorporating him on loan to its ranks, but on the other hand that everything leads to the entity being forced to pay 7.5 million euros sooner rather than later.

Photo by Omar Alderete

Omar arrived on loan from Hertha Berlin with two conditioning factors so that Valencia was obliged to execute its purchase option. The first, that the team entered Europe, in any of its categories. The second, that the defender played 25 games or more. This situation, which AS reported in July, will be one step closer to being fulfilled when the Paraguayan starts at the Reale Arena on Sunday. By then you will have already disputed thirteen of the 25 matches to be played, when the first round has not even been completed. More than a half.

Valencia Shield / Flag

The loan of Alderete to Valencia was a perfect deal as far as this season is concerned: the team signed a free center-back, it hardly took up space in the Fair Play and has been a guarantee of performance. Nevertheless, With your purchase option, the business already has a higher volume, since the 7.5 million euros of your purchase option are important numbers. The delicate situation of Valencia, which must sell before June 30 for a net value of 37 million euros, is delicate and inasmuch as Alderete reaches 25 matches, you will have to invest more money. Fortunately, That investment will already be the history of the accounts of the season 2022-2023.