Alcaraz brought together more than three million viewers in La 1

The Mutua Madrid Open has become the most followed edition of the tournament in La 1. The two men’s semifinal matches and the final averaged a 20.7% share and reached the figure of 2,025,000 viewers on the RTVE channel.

The final that crowned Carlos Alcaraz after winning the Beasts added 2,645,000 viewers and 25.8% of share in La 1. In total, up to 4,566,000 viewers connected at some point in the final. The golden minute was reached at 19:42 (Sunday) with 3,351,000 followers and an 18.4% share. During the broadcast after the game, with the celebration, the award ceremony and the analysis, it was followed by up to 2,817,000 viewers and added a total of 26.5% share.

To reach the final, Alcaraz also beat Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic. The match against the Serbian brought together 2,108,000 viewers on La 1, adding 21.8% of share. The golden minute of the match brought together almost three million followers (2,957,000) on television. In addition, 5,853,000 spectators watched the game at some point.

On the other hand, the meeting between alcaraz y Rafael Nadal quarterfinal was seen in La 1 by 1,644,000 viewers and reached 17% of share.