Albiol: “The first match will be unknown”

Villarreal defender Raúl Albiol pointed out that they have not played for a long time, after the league break due to the covid-19 pandemic, so he believes that the performance of both his team and that of others in the restart of the game will be unknown. championship that will take place this week.

Villarreal will visit Celta de Vigo in Balaídos this Saturday, where they will try to end the bad streak of results of the last days before the break, which caused them to leave the European zone of the classification.

“It is important to start well, since we come from three games in which we have not scored points, which forces us to react now. We have the pressure to break the losing streak. We are going to a field with an opponent who is fighting to save himself and is going to be difficult. We come back after a long time, which makes this first game a mystery, “he said.

“We know that we did not start from scratch, we have had many games already played in this league and that there are only eleven left. Now it is as if you started again since it is going to be difficult for all of us to pick up the pace and one hundred percent of the physical form. With only two weeks of training all together it becomes difficult for us to return to the best level, but we are all in the same conditions, so I think nobody has an advantage, “he added.

The Spanish international defender likened this restart of the championship, with just eleven days to play in just one month, to a European Championship or a World Cup, “since it is intense and you play every three days.”

“It is something that the European competition teams are used to, since during the year they do it that way. We have to know that we have a great squad, that we must all be prepared, since with the five changes there will be many rotations and We are all going to be important. It is a full month and the one that endures, has more security and confidence, can be key, “he said.

This restart of the championship will occur without an audience in the stands, an atypical circumstance that the Valencian footballer admitted that it will affect and that will cause playing at home not to be an advantage, something that they will try to take advantage of this Saturday in Vigo.

“For the teams that are struggling not to let down their fans, it is very important, since in the absence of a few days the support of the public is essential. We must take advantage of this situation. We see in Germany that the visiting teams earn more, which means that it is an important factor to play without an audience in the stands. It is going to be new and strange, so we will see how we are given, and it is clear that whoever adapts quickly and concentrates the longest can take the game, “he said.

“What I like the least is having to play without an audience. I prefer a full field, the atmosphere and the motivation of the competition. Not having an audience is what will cost us the most, since the fans are a part fundamental football. We have to finish the league without people, it will be strange, and that will cost us, “he insisted.

Regarding the possible return of captain Bruno Soriano, after three years of sick leave, Albiol explained that “I have lived this year his effort and his work to play and to return with the group. The days he has been with us he was seen very well after so much time stopped. He is a player of incredible quality and that if he were well it would be essential. I hope he can return to play and play minutes in the team. “

The center-back admitted that they have a complicated schedule against many rivals from the upper zone, although he recalled that precisely this type of team achieved the best results.

“The competition is very even, we have a complicated schedule with rivals from above and we play at home, but we do it without our people. We are going to think about Vigo and we will go game by game. We must win many games if we want to achieve the goal, we know It is not easy, but there are many points left and we are going to think about winning the first match and we will see what happens, “he concluded.