Alba Carrillo, with a clean laugh at the ‘double face’ of Santi Burgoa: “Now it is exposed as in the markets”

The first official pose of Santi Burgoa y Vanessa Romero before the press has had a third protagonist: Alba Carrillo. After assuring that the journalist was in a relationship with another girl at the same time as with the actress of The one that is comingthe model has returned to the attack.

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“I’m dying please,” the ex said between laughs Feliciano Lopez listening to Burgoa talk about his girl. “I’m really surprised because she’s not the person I knew, but after meeting the mistress and everything…” he added, unable to stop laughing.

In his opinion, the perching of the lovebirds “is a piece of paper.” Above all, because he assures that Santi did not want anything with the gossip press when they were together between 2019 and 2021. “It is assumed that he was a serious journalist who did not want to mix with show business and now he is there exposed as in the markets saying ‘ Do you want anything else?'”. “If Vanessa were my friend, I wouldn’t wish it on her,” he assured.

Romero and Burgoa met a few months ago in the vicinity of Telemadrid, where she works as a collaborator and he as a presenter. It wasn’t until December that they made their romance official. sharing a photo album of their romantic trip to Brussels on their respective social networks. “In the best company,” they wrote.