Alaska gets fed up with those who question her husband’s heterosexuality: “You are questioning me”

In the midst of the controversy over the darts that come and go between the married couple of artists and Jorge Javier Vazquez, Alaska Another topic that is constantly on the lips of all haters has come out to settle before the press: the sexuality of Mario Vaquerizo.

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“It’s that you question me,” says the artist. “It’s that we started 24 years ago. It’s a lifetime,” she insists, tired of the situation. However, she is aware that these comments will not stop: “Let’s not be innocent. Bad people will be for life. Just like the good ones.”

The vocalist of Nancys Rubias himself spoke about it in the interview he did peace padilla in Let yourself be loved A few days ago: “They think that my relationship with Olvido is a cover. They tell me that I am a faggot, that I have a lot of pen. (…) We are supposed to have advanced a lot… we have regressed a lot.”

Alaska (59) and Mario (48) were married for the first time on November 29, 1999 in Las Vegas, he dressed as Elvis Presley and she as Morticia Addams, although with red hair. Later, on May 27, 2011, they said ‘yes, I want’ again, but this time in Spain: “I am very happy. A thousand thanks to Alaska for letting me be part of your life…”, Mario wrote in a post from his official Instagram account.