Chayo Mohedano She sings at home and on stage, but she also loves to go against Telecinco, a channel in which she is banned by the new Code of Ethics, on her social networks. After the millionaire agreement reached by her husband with La Fábrica de la Tele last June, the daughter of rose benedict y Amador Mohedano He continues to err in his attacks against the Fuencarral chain.

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The 43-year-old artist neither forgets nor forgives. In special to Kiko Hernandez, a collaborator with whom he has had a deep wound open for years. Journalist Michael Earlyfired in the summer of 2022 from deluxe saturdaye, wrote this week on their networks about the fellow member of Save me and his gala in Melilla: “This is the narcissist who censors journalists? What a shame not to have gone to see you.”

A user responded: “Do you remember when Chayo was acting and some organizers tried to keep the program out, knowing that they were going to make fun of her? They put her in the broth for that. But Kiko Hernández can do it…”. Rocío Jurado’s niece noted in this regard: “Good comment and true.”

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And Early he finished off the job: “Rosario… Chayo… ‘Every pig gets its San Martín’… Thank God the chain is going to clean up and they will be left without support, alone and shit… Kisses and congratulations on your ability to withstand this and other HDLGP “.

In recent weeks, Chayo is also giving people something to talk about due to his musical facet. In what are you about, her new song, calls those who vilified her in the media and caused her much suffering and sleeplessness as cretins. The song is, saving the distance, a Shakira-like revenge against Piqué but Chayo against Jorge Javier Vázquez and his bosses. Rocío Jurado’s niece has had her other cousin, Glory Camillaand with the former big sister romeira love.