Aguirregabiria: “In these moments we must be more united than ever”

The Deportivo player Alavés Martín Aguirregabiria He appealed to the unit on Thursday and pointed out that, in these moments in which the team has fallen to relegation places, they have to be “More united than ever”.

The Vitorian explained in the press room that “the dressing room is fine” and, although he acknowledged that these are not easy moments, he pointed out that they are used to dealing with stages that are not favorable in which they have to “squeeze and suffer.”

“We must not forget that we are Alavés, what we have been doing these years is very good and we want to continue doing so, but without forgetting who we are ”, remarked the youth squad Albiazul, who was grateful for having a full week to prepare for the match against Getafe, after changing coach.

“Despite being on the decline there are many days left, the team knows what it has to do and has the capacity to do it, “he said. Martin Aguirregabiria, who will complete 100 games with the Albiazul shirt, in the first team.

This figure valued her above all for doing it with only 24 years, in the highest category and with her city team.

Asked by Abelard, the slime fox admitted there are similarities with the coach who came in the first stage, but stressed that he has progressed as a coach, as well as the players. “It gives us confidence to move forward,” he said.

Regarding his personal situation in the team, the young Alava player said that not playing at the beginning of the season made him mature and get to know each other more. Now it has become important again since the arrival of “Pitu” Abelardo, but more as a midfielder. “It has been a long time since I played in advance, but I am here to help in whatever position,” said an animator.or Martín, optimistic with the future of the team.

“When you have had enough defeats and the feeling is not good, you have many aspects to improve, but the first thing is the spirit and that the group is encouraged and united,” said the footballer, who is not eager to get points because there are “many days” .