After 'Sálvame,' María Patiño needed psychological therapy: “I have felt like the Diana of Wales for many”

Two farewells accumulate Maria Patino. Two in a few months: Save me y Socialite. She said goodbye to this second program, which was born with her six years ago, just a few days ago with some words of utmost emotion. Now we know that Mary needed psychological help to face the closure of the La Fábrica de la TV format, which was Mediaset's flagship for 14 years. This is what she herself revealed.

This past weekend, a few tenths of fever forced María to stay at home, so it was the director of the space, Javier de Hoyos, who took charge. This goodbye for the presenter became official when Mediaset confirmed on Friday, December 22, that it will be María Verdoy who will take over as of Saturday, January 6. Now María verbalizes how she faced that goodbye to Save me and shares the emotions he felt and how he managed them. “Loving myself has taken me a lifetime. I have not yet reached fullness but I feel inner serenity (…) I have suffered excessively having everything,” he confessed to the magazine Readings.

María stands in front of a mirror to remember herself at 23 years old and how she revealed to Ana Rosa Quintana that she had suffered from bulimia. “Someone did it before, Lady Di. It made me feel like I wasn't a weirdo, that I wasn't the only one.. I remember the excitement, I was a little girl and I still lived with my parents. This girl has it too! “She recalls for the publication. And she added that she has felt like the Princess of Wales to many people: “Yes, but I don't want to be anyone's spokesperson. It has cost me a lot, but it can be done. “It scares me to create goals for people who are suffering.”

About his future job, days before leaving Solidarity, The journalist stated that she wanted to grow and feel valued in the profession. “I need to keep walking and feel what any worker deserves, to feel valued. Socialite “He has achieved the impossible.”