The Association of Spanish Soccer Players (AFE) demanded this Thursday that the soccer players of the absolute Spanish teams and their lower categories receive the same diets, as stated in the legislation.

To do this, the AFE has sent different letters to the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), the Ministry of Equality and the Higher Sports Council (CSD) to demand this request that supports both the Organic Law for Effective Equality between women and men and the draft of the new Sports Law that is being processed in Congress.

“In compliance with Organic Law 3/2007, of March 22, for effective equality of women and men, equal prizes between both sexes will be guaranteed whenever sporting events are organized or entrusted to a third party by a Public Administration , or are totally or partially financed through public funds. In the same way, it will be guaranteed that the system of allowances granted, when athletes compete with the corresponding national teams, is equal for men and women,” the union recalled, citing what is included in the future new Sports Law.

AFE stressed that it has decided to make this demand “convinced of the firm commitment by all organizations and institutions to establish real and effective equality in football.” “AFE wants to contribute to this matter to find a solution, the purpose of this lawsuit is none other than to demand that the inequality in the collection of allowances assigned to the players who represent Spain be ended,” he added.

“We have to recognize that society is making progress in terms of equality. That is why it is so important that the organizations that govern the world of football contribute to establishing that real and effective equality,” stressed the association chaired by David Aganzo.

In addition, the union indicated that it will also promote this action through FIFPRO “to try to extend this measure to countries that have not yet implemented it” and that it will promote it “through parliamentary initiatives with different political forces” with the who has been “working for a long time on different issues”.

“Lastly, we understand that the rise of women’s football, which has resulted in collective sporting successes for the Spanish team in different categories, forces us to assume this type of commitment and challenge to prevent women from continuing to be discriminated against in the 21st century. in the field of sport,” he said.