Aaron: “We are not satisfied with salvation, we look up”

He has been in Vigo for more than three months. How is the adaptation to the team and the city being?

Well, I have adapted earlier than I thought. The teammates and the coaching staff have helped me a lot and I have adapted quickly. I feel very comfortable in training and on the pitch. Then the city is very beautiful. When I arrived in the first month and a half it did not stop raining, but they already told me that it is not usual (laughs).

What kind of wardrobe was found?

I already knew before arriving that it was a group of very good people. They all helped me a lot. I see the team very well in that aspect and that is something that is also reflected on the field.

When does Celta contact you for the first time?

Right now I can't tell you the exact day, but it was two or three weeks before the winter market started. Or maybe a little earlier.

How was the negotiation process?

When Celta called my agent, I didn't think twice. It is a great club and I wanted to come here as soon as possible. The Mainz also made it pretty easy for me, so there wasn't much of a problem.

The Olaza case hit him indirectly. How did you experience it?

In the end I had no idea of ​​anything. I came and I was directly with the problem that there was. It was a bit uncomfortable because of a partner's situation, which was not the best thing that could have happened, but what I can say is that I did not know anything. I ran into the problem when I arrived and all the colleagues tried to help him in the best possible way.

Didn't they tell you that they were signing you to cover Olaza's loss?

Nerd. In this case, they told me they needed a full back to compete for the title with Olaza, I didn't know anything about what could happen.

At what level are you now that you have settled on eleven?

I couldn't tell you a percentage, but I'm fine. I'm getting better and better, although I still need a little more to reach my optimum level.

Is the game against Sevilla the last bullet to go to Europe?

We have to go step by step. Salvation is close at hand and from there we have to look at ourselves and go for more. Monday's game is very important and we have to go for the three points.

Talking about permanence at this point is a bit old-fashioned, don't you think?

Mathematically we are not saved, but it is true that we can virtually say that we are almost saved. We have to look higher because we have a team and we can compete to be higher. We do not have to settle for this and we have to fight to be higher. We are not going to settle for what we have achieved.

How do you see the option of reaching Europe?

We have difficult games against strong opponents, but I see the team well, we are confident and we can fight for more.

Celtic Shield / Flag

Do you know where you will play next season?

Right now I can't tell you where. Hopefully it's here. So far they haven't told me anything, but my mentality is set here and if Celta want me to be here next year, I'll do my best to continue.

Even yielded?

Yes, find the solution that you can. If it has to be this way, it will be. You have to find a solution.

How was your experience in Germany?

The first year was a very good team. The second one was already a bit more complicated and this one was also quite bad, that's why I made that decision to go out. He needed to go back to Spain.

Did you miss the lifestyle?

Yes, about all that. It is totally different, there is no more street life after three thirty. It is all very different, it has nothing to do with it.

What is your position on what happened with Diakhaby?

We have been attentive, but I do not know what happened in the field. What I can tell you is that there cannot be racism in football or in society. We are a reflection for the people and we have to be the first to have respect for the entire population of the world. These cases should never occur. There must be the utmost respect for all people, this should never be seen.

Another similar case was that of Misa, the Real Madrid player who received macho insults.

Another case that should never happen and more at this point that we are. I am against all these people who make such comments. There has to be respect for all women and all people of color.