Letizia’s roadmap in Zaragoza: meeting with Leonor and visit to La Romareda

The queen is unstoppable. Despite the broken toe she suffered when she hit a table, Mrs. Letizia She has not canceled a single event on her official agenda and this Friday we will be able to see her in Zaragoza, where she will preside over the final of the Queen’s Cup after five years of absence. Her presence in La Romareda is a new gesture by the royal consort towards national women’s sports after the criticism received in recent years for her lack of support.

A support that she resumed last August in Sydney, when she witnessed the final of the Women’s World Cup in Australia with Infanta Sofía. Now, Mrs. Letizia follows the line and goes to the final of the Queen’s Cup between Barcelona and Real Sociedad. at the La Romareda stadium in Zaragoza on the 18th. The last time it supported this competition was in 2019 at the Los Cármenes stadium in Granada, when Atlético de Madrid beat Real Sociedad.

This new trip also provides the queen with a perfect opportunity to visit her daughter, the Princess Eleanor, who is studying military studies at the General Academy of Zaragoza. Everything indicates that mother and daughter will make time in their busy schedules to share some time alone before the sporting event. They saw each other last Saturday during the anniversary of King Felipe VI’s Flag Oath, but the meeting was not enough for them.

Letizia, convalescent

We will see the queen in La Romareda wearing sports shoes, a very appropriate outlook for the occasion. Furthermore, her health requires, since the wife of Felipe VI collided with the leg of a table in her residence and fractured the proximal phalanx of the central toe of her right foot. After several days of enduring severe pain, a test was performed that revealed the diagnosis: “I didn’t know it was broken.”he said last Monday at the Teatro Real.

The medical prescription for this fracture includes ice and rest, but the queen wanted to continue with her activity. Of course, without heels. She now uses flat, wide and very comfortable sports shoes so that the fracture of her finger can solidify correctly: “This will be cured in no time”she assured.