A friend of Edwin Arrieta contradicts Daniel Sancho’s version: “He had no drug-trafficking relatives, don’t fall into stereotypes”

daniel sancho He has served his fourth night in Koh Samui prison after confessing to the murder and dismemberment of the surgeon Edwin Arrieta. The son of Rodolfo Sancho He is under remand and the Thai police say they have “sufficient evidence” to charge him with “premeditated murder.” crime punishable by capital punishment.

as collected Bangkok Postreferring to the 29-year-old police statement, Daniel began planning the crime after the 44-year-old Colombian doctor allegedly Threatened to post sexual images of both of you to cause a media scandal in Spain and sink his family.

A version that his lawyer would have also given, Khun Anan, to the judge instructing the case. “Actually, he was the victim of the surgeon. He had been pressured and intimidated by the other. He was worried about the safety of his family. So he had to… The Colombian has mafia relatives and also has money. He says he is capable to hire anyone to harm him and his family,” said the criminal expert hired by Sancho’s familyas revealed by the program Code 10.

Now, Edwin’s environment has responded to these statements and has denied that his family has anything to do with the mafia. “Edwin does not have a problematic family, nor does Edwin’s environment have a drug-trafficking family. No, they cannot misrepresent that because we have the stereotype of a Colombian mafioso,” he said. Carlos Zuletaa close friend of the doctor, in an interview with the journalist Miguel Frigenti.

In addition, Carlos, who is a professional colleague of the deceased, has claimed that the focus should not be on whether or not Edwin and Daniel are homosexual. “They are trying to misrepresent the issue of whether he was homosexual or not. I don’t even see why they have to talk about that issue. That doesn’t have to be a title for him to be murdered. That has to be indifferent. I am 25 years old That I met Edwin I never saw him in a relationship with a man, never. He never told me,” he explains.

Like Darling y LeobaldoEdwin’s sister and father, Zuleta does not want Daniel to be sentenced to death, but instead “the full weight of the law in Thailand falls”. “I am going to do what I have to do so that justice is done, because if not, this guy will be in Madrid in two years as if nothing had happened. Edwin is no longer here and we are the ones who are raising our voices for him because He has no other voice”, concludes the doctor’s friend.