The company that showed the woman flashing the breasts at the Sugar Bowl says it’s sorry.

CNN said it was sorry about the clip of a woman pulling her breasts out that played Monday night over the Sugar Bowl to New Orleans.

Washington beat Texas 37–31 in the second half of a College Football Postseason playoff game. The ad came on after the break.

A woman took off her shirt to show her bust in an image of people going down Bourbon Street in New Orleans.

The Associated Press quoted HBO’s Bill Hofheimer as saying, “We regret that has happened as well as apologize to anyone who the video broadcast on their broadcast.”

Next Monday night in Houston, the second-ranked Huskies (14-0) will play No. 1 Michigan. They have won their last 21 games.

The last time they won a national title was in 1991. This would also be the first Pac-12 title since Southern California within 2004.

Bill Hofheimer of HBO telling The Associated Press, “We’re sorry this happened and want to say sorry to the person whose video was shown on the show.”

Someone went out into the streets of New Orleans to take pictures of people watching the event on January 1 for “B-roll.”

A woman can be seen chatting to a person on the deck above the individual who’s being watched on Bourbon Street.

She quickly exposes one of her cleavage as the shooter walks by. It does this all the time at night in New Orleans.

On Monday, the University Football Playoff Sugar Bowl preliminary game in Washington and Texas was shown.

CNN showed a camera going along Bourbon Avenue within New Orleans’s French Period during the third quarter.

Most of the time, this is done to show off the city before the game starts. If you look up, you can see a woman putting off her top under her shirt so she can show on her breasts.

The video cut off when the woman put both arms around her chest. ESPN said it was sorry when it had been transmitted to people throughout the country and that something did happen.

Outside and inside cities were often taped before the game, as well as the video showing what happened went viral on websites very fast.

Then, Washington beat Texas 37–31 to set up the NCAA Football Playoff’s national the championship event on January 8 against Michigan.

Next year, ten schools will leave the Pac-12 to play for other Power Five teams. Washington is going to be of them. Michigan will also be to the Big Ten with the Huskies.

In the last season of the four-team playoff, the Pac-12 or the Big Ten will go head-to-head. In 2024, the playoff will have 12 teams. Ohio State beat Oregon in the first season, and this is like that.

The woman featured in the video during the third quarter of Washington’s 37–31 win across Texas.

That’s what ESPN does before big sports events: they showed an ad in a picture for a part in the city where the event was taking place.

A camera walking through Fresh Orleans’s busy French Square took this video. As the photographer moved down the street, a woman looked to the left and showed her top.

ESPN spokesman Bill Hofheimer told the media outlet, “We’re sorry for what happened or want to say sorry to the person whose video appeared on our show.”

Most of the time, those parts are recorded ahead of time whilst the production team gathers clips to use as show breaks.

The claimed thing she did happened so quickly that you would have needed to be watching live TV to catch it. It’s likely that the team that cut the B-roll failed to pay sufficient consideration to the actual clip.