1,700 euros to avoid a scandal

New chapter in the soap opera Alvaro Muñoz Escassi. The breakup with Maria Jose Suarez It was just the tip of an iceberg that has been discovered in just 48 hours: an infidelity, an email with explicit information and a debt to be settled. Well, it is now settled. The rider has reached an agreement with the other party, the woman with whom he had sexual relations while he was dating Miss Spain, and has paid. 1700 euros to settle the matter.

According to TardeARThis agreement includes a confidentiality clause on both sides, which states that they will not be able to speak about this matter either publicly or privately, and also the obligation to destroy all audiovisual and textual evidence that links Escassi with said woman and that was in her possession. “It must be made clear that this is not extortion, but rather a claim for a debt; the woman had not received payment for her services.”they have specified.

The commentators also added that the debt of 1,700 euros was settled the same day that María José Suárez announced her breakup via Instagram: “It’s over. In order to avoid speculation and fake news and with the same naturalness with which I share other aspects of my life with you, I tell you that Álvaro and I are no longer together. It has not been the best ending to such a beautiful story, but, as always, I am left with the good memories lived in these three years, which have been many,” she wrote.

They also pointed out that Escassi filed a lawsuit against this woman as soon as María José Suárez received the email, on June 22: “Later, she reflected and realized that this was not the best way to resolve the situation and contacted her to reach an agreement. The lawsuit has already been withdrawn.”

The trigger for the breakup

The relationship between Escassi and María José Suárez was going through a serious crisis. According to the rider, they had experienced a significant distancing in recent months with a crisis that he had taken advantage of to maintain “sexual relations” with other people, something that the model was unaware of. On June 22, the Seville native received a very explicit email in which he informed her of an infidelity on the part of her still boyfriend and a debt for services that he had not paid. She had textual and audiovisual proof of their story, as well as unquestionable data for María José Suárez, who already had suspicions about a disloyalty that led her to break up with Escassi for the first time.

It happened days before the cruise through the Norwegian fjords. The rider had planned a trip to Bilbao. María José sees that Álvaro is connected to WhatsApp, who tells her on his mobile that he has left for Bilbao. The model makes a video call and discovers that, in reality, he is at home and not on a trip. She catches him in a lie and Escassi excuses himself by saying that he had taken a coat again. They argue and she breaks up. He buys a ticket to accompany her on the cruise and they reconcile. On returning to Madrid, Suárez finds this email, which begins: “Do you want to know who ‘the coat’ was?”