The photo of Alaska and Mario Vaquerizo, 25 years younger, that has their followers raving: “I almost didn’t recognize you!”

They are one of the longest-lived and most stable couples on the national scene. Also one of the most friendly and original. They share life in front of and behind the cameras and have become, for years, a reference for the LGTBI+ Community. It is precisely with them that they wanted to celebrate their big week and Mario Vaquerizo He has rescued from the drawer of memories an image of the first Pride Day that he experienced with Alaska: “Today marks 25 years since this photo. Alaska invited me to celebrate my first gay pride day with her. Girl, do you remember? Terminally ill teenagers in the Disneyland of love.”He has written.

The picture shows a very young Mario and Alaska; she with her hair dyed a passionate red and he with his hair much shorter and curly than he has had for years. They hug each other and look happily at the camera. They met in 1999 thanks to the record label Subterfuge, where they both worked. The leader of Nancys Rubias had just joined the company and was commissioned to promote Fangoria. The contact made them affectionate and they ended up falling in love.

Since then, they have been inseparable. Their followers have reacted to this image, one of the first in the album of their love story, with thousands of hearts and beautiful messages: “Please, how cute,” “How divine,” “I almost didn’t recognize you, Mario,” “And then you were seen together forever,” “I love you, before, now and always.”

This is not the first time that Mario Vaquerizo has invited us to travel back in time. The singer is very active on social media and draws on nostalgia on important dates. For example, his wedding anniversary with Alaska, to whom he said “I do” in Las Vegas dressed as Elvis Presley.