0-2: Racing prevails in Lima and leaves Alianza in the basement

Two goals scored at 88 and 90 minutes by Tiago Banega and Benjamin Garre they allowed the Racing Club defeat this Wednesday 0-2 at Lima Alliance, a team that was left in the basement of Group F of the Copa Libertadores of America.

The annotations did justice to a match that Racing dominated widely, but that it had not been able to seal due to lack of the punch and, also, due to the good performance of goalkeeper Leao Butrón, who even saved a penalty in the first half.

Although Alianza tried to show better arguments in the second half, the first half was a total dominance of Racing, which took control of the actions against a rival with serious defensive problems and lack of coordination, even when trying to get out with the ball under control.

Only after 2 minutes the Academy already had the first risky play, when a Sigali header hit the crossbar defended by Butrón, who at 43 became the great figure of the Alliance.

The control of the ball and the shots that forced Butrón's reflexes followed one another in the following minutes, until the 13th minute Reniero entered at speed and was knocked down in the small area by the Peruvian goalkeeper.

However, Butrón immediately vindicated himself, stopping with great solvency the penalty sent by Reniero himself with a low shot.

Encouraged by that action, Alianza replied at full speed, in his only deep action of all that half, that the young Oslimg Mora failed after threatening an Argentine defender.

Despite its dominance, there were also moments when Racing lacked coordination between its lines and effectiveness in the last meters, which prevented it from taking advantage of the great advantages that its Peruvian rival gave it.

In the second half, the Argentine team maintained control of the game, but Alianza tried to get out a little further from the bottom, especially due to initiatives by Arroé and Cruzado, although without causing major shocks to the visiting pool.

When 82 minutes were played, Alianza Lima had a clear option to open the account, but a shot crossed by the Colombian attacker Cristian Zúñiga was just deflected from the goal defended by Arias.

In response, Racing took a last push and, at 88, opened the scoring with a shot from the center of the Banega area, which two minutes later was followed by another similar shot from Garré that put up definitive figures.

With this result, Racing is second in Group F and maintains its expectations of advancing in the Libertadores, while Alianza continues as the last classified in its series, in addition to adding twenty-one games without winning in the continental tournament.

– Data sheet:

0. Lima Alliance: Leao Butrón; Aldair Salazar, Alberto Rodríguez, Rubert Quijada, José Rosell, Oslimg Mora, Josepmir Ballón, Carlos Ascues, Rinaldo Cruzado, Joazinho Arroé (m.75, Kluiverth Aguilar) and Gonzalo Sánchez (m.80, Christian Zúñiga).

Coach: Mario Salas.

2. Racing: Gabriel Arias; Iván Pillud (m.63, Eugenio Mena), Nery Domínguez, Leonardo Sigali, Alexis Soto, Leonel Miranda, Marcelo Díaz (m.74, Darío Cvitanich), Lorenzo Melgarejo (m.74, Tiago Banega), Walter Montoya (m. 45, Benjamín Garré), Héctor Fertoli and Nicolás Reniero (45, Carlos Alcaraz).

Coach: Sebastián Beccacece.

Goals: 0-1, m.88: Tiago Banega; 0-2, m.90: Benjamín Garré.

Referee: Bolivian Ivo Méndez. He admonished Cruzado, Reniero, Ascues, Rosell and Salazar.

Incidents: match of the fourth day of Group F of the Copa Libertadores played at the “Alejandro Villanueva” stadium.