Zidane: “I didn't speak to Bale”

Official, Bale is already a Tottenham player.

How the team has been prepared: “Good. In the end, the team has prepared very well. With enthusiasm, I think the team was waiting for LaLiga to start. Today we had the last training session and tomorrow, to play. I am happy to be able to play again, we know the situation: there are many people who have a hard time and we are lucky to be able to play again.

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Odegaard, his preparation and his role: “Not so different from the others. He has had a bit of discomfort, but it's okay, back. The role he's going to have is like everyone else, I have the best here, it has always been like that. The important thing is that they are ready. And I think Martin is ready. “

Bale and his departure: “In the end it is not like that. What bothers me or not, it is the least. In the end it is not like that. The issue is more complicated. There are negotiations and I can not tell you more. I never had problems with him. I know what he has done and no one is going to remove it. These are things that can happen, due to different circumstances. The situation is not signed, I cannot say more. We have not had problems. That has not happened. What he has done, no one is going to discuss. If there is a change for him, the only thing is to wish him well. “

Hazard: “I can't tell you exactly. He's better and what we want and he first, is for him to be 100%. No hassles. We have time for that. He needs to be 100-120% and we are going to prepare him for that.”

Forwards and possible exit of Jovic: “That I do not think is going to happen. And anything can happen, I can not tell you anything else. The important thing is that we train well. The situation is true that it can change and until October 4 many things can happen.”

Bale-last conversation: “I did not speak with him. I think what he has done has done well. There is no need to discuss those things. He has won many things at Madrid, and everyone who passes through here knows where he is going and knows his qualities. Let's go. to see what is going to happen “.

Odegaard: “He is a quality player, he is ours and he can contribute to the team. We know that Madrid are the best, and that is what it is all about. We are going to prepare all the players to perform at their best.”

What loses with the departure of Bale: “It's not about that. Everyone can have their say whatever they want. He's our player. He has yet to close.”

How is Asensio?: “From the injury he is fine, he has had a scare and is much better. But as always, we are going to be careful and when he is ready he will come back to us.”

Madird aspires to repeat league title, something he has not done for 12 years: “We prepare for that. The demands of this great club are not going to change. We know that we have to prepare to do as much as possible. Every year it is more difficult because the teams are better.”

Bale's late departure (last year he was about to leave already): “Life is like that, and if he stayed last year it was for something. The important thing is what the player wants to do. My opinion is the same. We have done things together, with the club and with the player. No, because it has never been a weight, I have never had a problem with him. It is true that he did not play what he should have, but for several things. I am not going to take a weight off because the position is like that, if it's not Gareth, this year will be another … “.

Reguilón has also left …: “First we have to congratulate him on the season he has had. We have two players per position and nothing more. I have two full-backs and I can't have more because then it's a mess. I wish him the best because he had a good season at Sevilla.”

From what you said before, you either close the template or there may be news: “No, no. Anything can happen until October 4.”

Rodrygo does not appear with the number of the first team. Does your status change anything this season ?: “He is a first-team player. Nothing changes. And I take this opportunity to congratulate him on the call-up with Brazil.”

The trajectory and evolution of Ödegaard. Do you see him changed ?: “Every year has gotten better and last year with Real Sociedad he had a great season. He is a player who is from Madrid and we are going to take advantage of it.”

What is the current situation of the team and what are the objectives that are set for the new season ?: “We want to do the challenge of last season in the league again. The context is very difficult for many people and I think of all of them. At an economic level as well. We are lucky to be able to play football. The situation is complicated but we We will have to adapt. We are going to defend this title with great enthusiasm. “