Zidane and Madrid's complaints: “Everyone does his job”

Zinedine Zidane, who turns 48 on Tuesday, appeared at a telematic press conference in the preview of the match that Madrid will play this Wednesday against Mallorca, at the Alfredo Di Stéfano stadium (22:00). These are his impressions.

Congratulations on your birthday, Mr. Zero trust against Mallorca?

Thank you very much, first. That is very clear, we are going to play against a team that will come for the three points, which bothers at any time, they are players who have shown it in the first leg. No confidence, just think about the game, with seriousness and concentration to win the game.

Is Madrid's complaint about the schedules fair?

Everyone does their job here, I do my thing. I have my opinion, one day are the schedules, another the referees … There is always something. My job is already quite complicated, my concern is tomorrow's game, it is a final, there are eight games to go and it is very important. It is what interests me. The rest I understand, I do not say no, but I do mine.

How important is the rest between games?

The calendar is what it is, what we have to do as a team is to only think about resting. The games are what they are, eleven games in a short time and we have to take care of these details.

Is there a campaign against Madrid?

I don't know, there are many people, Madrid is an important club that is talked about every day. Everyone can comment, it is your job. In the end it's not about that, I don't get into that when it's right or wrong. Each one does his job, it is a difficult task, ours too. I only think about preparing the games well. That is what interests us, you will ask me but I am interested in that. Nothing else.

Vinicius and Hazard, aren't they compatible?

I don't see it as impossible, not that, but we try to make the player as comfortable as possible. His position is Eden's, but it doesn't mean anything, I like to put the players in their place, but in a match they can play together. I have no doubts about that.

Do you see him more applied tactically, defensively?

He is 19 years old, he must learn many things safely, tactically, etc. But he's a boy who wants to work and that's what he's doing, he did great the other day, not just offensively. The good thing is that we have a very good player for the present and the future of Real Madrid.

Are Ramos and Hazard to play?

We will see tomorrow, there are many games in a few days and the recovery is important. We will see, in the end it is day to day. We have not done many things today, we will see tomorrow.

And Isco?

It is good news to see you with us again. It is less serious than it seemed and it is good news. Isco is going to be with us tomorrow.

Does Casemiro's absence give you a lot of trouble?

You can't play, I worry a lot or not.

Carvajal has no natural replacement in the squad. How is Nacho, your main relief option?

Nacho still lacks a tad, hopefully less. You are on the right track, you will come back to us quickly. We know that we have a large squad, the other day Mendy played in her position, she can play Militao, there are possibilities, if they do not play these, we will put others. But at the moment he is playing, he is fine and we will see later how we can do it. There are positions where we have many players, although there are many games.

Have you spoken to Bale?

Tomorrow we have a game and Gareth is going to be with us. I can not say anything more.

How do you see the season of Kubo?

I think the season is good, he plays regularly and that is what we were all looking for. He is a very interesting player, present and future. I'm glad for your season. I wish you the best and we will see next year, it will be decided later.