Zidane already has his trident for the final stretch of LaLiga

Plans Zidane at the beginning of this season they were that their offensive trident was formed by Marco Asensio, Benzema and Hazard. However, those plans were cut short in July, in the preseason, when Asensio He seriously injured his knee. They had Benzema and Hazard, but the Belgian's injuries have meant that Zidane has not been able to count on this couple in many games. Now, it is a start again for the French coach who has seen how he has gone from forgetting Hazard and Marco Asensio to having them at his disposal and already recovered from their injuries.

Or what is the same, Zidane I was able to re-launch his initial plans for the remainder of this season. Without a doubt, great news for him and for Asensio and Hazard who have gone from thinking about the next campaign and the Euro Cup to being absolute protagonists. At the moment, Zidane is already training together these three footballers so that they know each other well on the pitch, their automatisms so that they form the offensive white trio inheriting from the BBC of which only remains Benzema as the undisputed starter because Bale has already disappeared from the Zidane type team.

Beware of Asensio and Hazard

The French coach has his entire offensive arsenal at his disposal. You have a choice and you will go dosing Marco Asensio and Eden Hazard. Zidane is very clear that he does not intend to risk the least with them. They just came out of major injuries and the coach is aware that the intensity of this final stretch of the championship and the Champions League It can be a very big risk for Marco Asensio and Hazard. Hence, I will be counting on them little by little, giving them minutes in each meeting so that they can pick up the pace of competition, something that in the case of Marco Asensio is very important because he has not played since last July.

A Real Madrid training

What he has been able to verify Zidane in Valdebebas is that both the Balearic and the Belgian are in perfect condition, that they have already left behind their knee and ankle injuries, respectively. Both train without problems with their partners participating in the matches without showing any type of discomfort.

The return of Marco Asensio and Eden Hazard it has collateral effects for your teammates. Both will gain presence in the starting team, which will mean that players like Vinicius, Rodrygo, Isco or Bale they will have less minutes. Zidane is aware that he must have all his players ‘plugged in’ to end the season.

There are many games in a very short time and rotations are going to be key not only in Real Madrid, but in the rest of the teams in the championship. The French coach has already won a League thanks to that, the rotations and now he hopes to repeat the formula, but having Marco Asensio and Hazard recovered