Zero investment on the left-back

Renan lodi and Manu Sánchez. One is undisputed holder and the other one canterano who is willing to take advantage of his opportunities to become A hole on the team of his life. They form the Atlético's left-handed winger for this season 2020-21. The intention of the Madrid club is to not invest a single euro in that left lane, so it seems difficult for any player to arrive to reinforce that position. He third in contention it is Mario Hermoso, if finally it does not leave the rojiblanca entity. Against Almería, Cholo tried a team with Beautiful as a side, so it is not unreasonable that he can play in that position.

He Atlético asked for Mathías Olivera, Getafe's left-back, a footballer Berta likes. But the Getafense club is not willing to leave go out for free the footballer (they even talked about 10 million) and Atlético is not exactly overflowing with money. The operation seems difficult, although the relationship between both clubs is good and they have some names on the table, between them Gizzard.

Athletic Shield / Flag

Other footballers have been dating, like that of Telles, from Porto, another of those claimed by Atlético for a long time. Alex Telles ends contract with the portuguese club the next season and he might come out now even though he's a gamer already very contrasted and the Madrid club does not handle a significant amount to reinforce the left-back. We will see.

For now and unless there is an unexpected turn, Simeone will have Lodi and Manu Sánchez for the side. Manu was about to leave Osasuna, but finally it was Caio Henrique who came out and the Madrid club stopped the operation. As the third player for that position is Mario Beautiful, although its continuity in the Madrid team is not certain. If there is an offer that interests Atlético could come out. The Real society It is one of the clubs that wants you.

Lodi has performed very well this season and it is expected that he can even go to more during this exercise, once he has already adapted to his team and LaLiga. He has played 43 games official competition, scored a goal and dice three assists. He is 22 years old and five years older than contract. In other words, Atlético has found a side for many years. That is why he does not plan to spend a lot of money reinforcing that position. Manu Sánchez has entered in the final stretch of the season. He played five LaLiga games in addition to the cupbearer meeting in front of the Cultural Leonesa. He has just turned 20 and has five of contract. Beautiful it went from more to less during the exercise. And he performed better when he played as central, its true position.

In the friendly match against Almería, Cholo had Lodi as a starter in one of the teams and in the other he put Hermoso on the left wing. Nehuén played central. A test in case Simeone needs Hermoso. Manu Sanchez no juice. Of moment is still in the template. Alone a bargain It would allow Atlético to be reinforced in that demarcation.