Zaragoza, forced to react in front of the bottom

After two consecutive defeats, without a single merit to put to the mouth, to the Real Zaragoza no other result is worth it victory front yet bottom who has not scored a single point in his first five games. And is that everything that is not win tonight at Sabadell in La Romareda I would already turn on the alarms in the Aragonese club and would end the grace period of Rubén Baraja. The technician sees, or so he says, more virtues than defects in his team, but the truth is that the Zaragoza does not play anything and is the one less shoot at goal, and only a convincing win would end the swell that is already rising.

Real Zaragoza Shield / Flag

Baraja suddenly lost in Butarque to Jair and Adrián, who will be out for about a month due to their muscular injuries, and will give entry into their line-up to James Igbekeme. The Nigerian will reappear at Real Zaragoza four months later and after overcoming two ailments, waiting for him to give the spinal cord axis, hitherto flat and extremely slow, dynamism and breaking of lines. The two other novelties in eleven they aim to be Javi Ros and Zanimacchia, to the detriment of Nieto and Eguaras, and it cannot be ruled out that Toro Fernandez relieve Vuckic in the front.

Not seem The Romareda he most conducive field so that the Sabadell win and find a turning point, but it's surely your last chance to mend a start that can be disastrous. They accumulate the harlequins five defeats, with phases of good play and even dominance, but five defeats at the end of the day. Of add the sixth in Zaragoza, no one would be surprised that the club take action. This is how Sabadell arrives.

Shield / Flag Sabadell

But the situation, very complicated, does not cover another reality: the trust template in the coaching staff and in style, convinced that the results will come sooner rather than later. To achieve it is imperative to improve in defense, where they have been weak. Might return hood (it is doubt) although most likely Coch, Juan Ibiza and Grego Sierra follow forming back. The other essential ingredient for victory, the goal is Stoichkov or Guruzeta's job, the two best forwards on the team, who, however, have yet to see a goal.