Zaragoza arrives without fear in Madrid but with the goal in the League

In the absence of a few hours to roll the ball in La Romareda (today 21:00), Saragossa he prepares to live one of the great nights he used to do, and that is the visit of the Real Madrid It always causes a stir. In front of those of Zidane there will be a team that dreams of snatching the game, although as they themselves affirm, their objective is focused on The league. Álvaro Mouse has spoken with Brand and ensures that he is not afraid of Benzema, and that he would have liked to meet again Isco

Do you plan to change your shirt with someone? “I would like to take some souvenir. I have shared a team with Isco in Valencia and I would have liked his, but it does not come at the end. We will see. If the emotion then is much, the same as what I want to stay is mine.”

Does a goalkeeper enjoy or suffer this type of games against a team that is favorite in the tie? “The favorite tag we do not put when we are on the field. We are 11 against 11. It is a very complicated opponent and we will have a lot of work, but that happens in every game we play every weekend. Hopefully it is a meeting to enjoy it and learn. You never know what can happen. And less in the Copa del Rey. “

Sign to be eliminated against Madrid and win at Cádiz: “Our main objective is the league and we all know it. It is where we have to focus and give our best. But obviously we are not going to throw the Copa del Rey. We want to compete and do well.”

Does 'cat' Benzema scare Mouse? “No. He is one of the best strikers in the world and his data is there, but you can not be afraid of anyone in the world of football. We do not have it. Honestly, we do not have to focus on what Real Madrid we are going to see but in what Real Zaragoza we are going to see during the meeting “.

How can you beat this Real Madrid? “We have to do things very well. A meeting of ten. All things being equal, they are one of the best in Europe and we will have to play our best game.”

The match can be decided in the penalty shootout. Have you studied the possible pitchers of Real Madrid? “No, it's a bit of intuition. You try to follow the latest pitches but then decide at the last moment and the goalkeeper alike. I've played with teammates for many years knowing where the penalties have been thrown all his life and then threw me and changed them. So it's a lottery. “