Yulia Navalnaya's heartbreaking testimony after the sudden death of her husband Alexei Navalny: “Putin will be punished”

The Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, who entered prison in January 2021, died this Friday in a prison in Russia, according to the Penitentiary Service. As reported by the Russian agency RIA Novosti, the activist felt unwell after a walk and lost consciousness. Just three hours after hearing the tragic news, Navalni's wife, Yulia Navalnayaappeared with glassy eyes and dressed in black.

For many years we have not been able to believe Putin or his Government; They lie constantly. But if this is true, I want to tell Putin and his friends, all of his staff, all of his entourage, all of his government, that they will not go unpunished.; I would like them to know that they will be punished for what they have done to our country, to my family and to my husband. They will be brought to justice and that day will come soon,” Navalnaya said on the first day of the Munich Security Conference.

After her brief speech, which ended with a wave of applause from the diplomats and rulers present, Alexei Navalny's wife said: “I was wondering if I should stay here in front of you or if I should go back to my children and I was wondering what Alexei would have done in my place, and I'm sure he would have been here in this scenario.“.

Alexei Navalny

Alexei Navalny was one of the most prominent leaders of the Russian opposition. He was imprisoned in the Vladimir prison 200 kilometers from Moscow and in December 2023 he was transferred to the Urals.

Yulia and Alexei met in Turkey during a vacation in 1998 and walked down the aisle two years later. Her two sons, Daria and Zakharwere born in 2001 and 2008.