“Young Leonor”: Reverte, Alsina, Rufián, Monedero, Ana Pastor and Carmen Calvo write ‘Letters to a Queen’

The takeoff of the Princess of Asturias is unstoppable. In recent months we have seen her swear by her Constitution due to her coming of age; and her career in the Army (she is about to receive the office of Ensign at the General Military Academy of Zaragoza). On the occasion of this very rapid trajectory of hers, a new book comes to light: Letters to a queen, by the hand of Arturo Pérez-Reverte.

Numerous personalities from the world of literature, politics and the media come together in the pages of this book, which arrives on the anniversary of the Kings Felipe VI and Letizia for their 20 years of marriage. Also, when the heiress has received the three highest distinctions of the Aragonese community, the Medal of the Cortes, the Medal of Aragon and the title of Adoptive Daughter of Zaragoza. A great day for the lady cadet Borbón Ortiz for whom she thanked with the words “I feel like one more Aragonese, one more clever.”

“You will reign, lady, when you come to reign, in a dangerous place”

In this scenario it lands in bookstores Letters to a queen (from Zenda with sponsorship from Iberdrola). Pérez-Reverte has coordinated 30 letters from monarchist and republican signatories. “You will reign, lady, when you come to reign, in a dangerous place. I want you to be the nightmare of your security service, the scandal of the protocol chiefs, the envy of the mediocre,” begins the author of The Queen of the South y Captain Alatriste.

In his letter about Leonor, Carmen Calvoformer vice president of the Government, highlights her feminist profile: “Being a woman will be an asset.” Let us remember that it was precisely Calvo who accompanied the Princess in her first solo act on the agenda, without the company of her parents: it was in March 2021, at the Cervantes Institute in Madrid. We were in the middle of a pandemic.

Also write Gabriel Rufian. The current spokesperson for ERC in Congress, pro-independence and republican, utters these words: “Leonor. This is a letter of love and hate. Of love for a country that has been imagined and cried for many times. Of love for a country where yours can fit even having buried mine.” In her letter to her heir, Juan Carlos Monederoformer leader of Podemos, begins like this: “May what you are be due above all to your own efforts in a peaceful, just, federal and republican Spain.”

Among journalists, Carlos Alsina, Rubén Amón and Ana Pastor. The presenter of La Sexta says: “I wish that if she becomes queen, she does not have to put up with the sexist and disgusting campaigns organized against her mother because of her status as a woman.”