“You have to start with this match,” demands Vicente Moreno

With water around his neck, Mallorca goes to Bilbao with the need to prevail over Athletic to avoid descent. There is hardly any margin for error, but his coach does not throw in the towel. “There is less and less and it is important to add three by three,” he said. Vicente Moreno at the press conference that he offered from the hotel in Bilbao where Mallorca is staying.

“You have to start with this match (against Athletic) because each week that passes is less. My accounts come out but you have to start winning. The boys leave their lives in each game, although they will judge us by the results, “said the vermilion coach in statements collected by EFE.

Football is so big that maybe we have a chance on Saturday

Despite the tyranny of the numbers, which indicate him as a team with plans to descend, the coach does not lose faith. “It is evident that the numbers are there and I cannot stay in profile. The ideal is not to receive as many goals, to improve in that facet in this final phase. But soccer is so great that perhaps we will have an opportunity on Saturday, ”Moreno said.

Luka Romero

Regarding the debut of the Mexican-Argentine Luka Romero At 15 years and 219 days, it was concealed that he would not look at the DNI if he believes it appropriate to give him a new opportunity in Bilbao. “He has been training with us, we saw that it was an option to make his debut (against Madrid) and we will see if he will play more or less in the next games. I see him very calm, despite the fact that it is not usual for him to enter a soccer field at the age of 15. We will decide first for the good of the team and then for the kid, “he added.