“You have to keep winning in the League”

The appointment of New Zorrilla It was a good opportunity for the cubs who are not getting as much into the dynamics of the first team of the Athletic. Unai Victor Y Oier Zarraga they completed the ninety minutes in the medullary and even the getxotarra placed a pike in the form of a goal. Shooting before a set of First how is he Valladolid with a view to the next league date. “We finished with a good feeling, we won the Trophy and it has been a beautiful test to prepare and move forward, “he said. Victor in statements collected by the official channels of the Athletic.

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The midfielder was “very happy” for the option he gave Garitano in Zorrilla and now his goal is to “catch more minutes” in official competition. So far, the Bilbao player has only played the final leg of the match in Pomegranate. “It is good to play the whole game, accumulate minutes and prepare for the League”He added.

“Winning is always positive, we have ended that losing streak,” he declared. Victor. Of course, it was from eleven meters because after the final whistle of the referee the scoreboard reflected a 2-2. The lions were allowed to eat the toast by the Valladolid in the final bars. What of Zorrilla it is good to charge a bit of morale, but the midfielder is clear that “we have to keep winning in the LeagueTo escape from dangerous positions.

He Athletic entered the game “very well”, in the opinion of Zarraga, “Pressing up and dominating them with the ball.” Those of Garitano were more comfortable and were rewarded with the goal of Black pudding close to rest. “Then it took us a bit to get into the second half, but still, in general, we played a good game,” he said.

The one of Getxo It has not yet been officially released as a lion and everything indicates that the first team will alternate with the subsidiary. The friendly of Pucela It was especially useful for him: “It had been a long time since I had played ninety minutes and gradually taking minutes to be well both physically and playing is important.” The 0-2 had the signature of ZarragaHe admitted being “happy”, although “team work” prevailed.

Ander Lorente played his first friendly with the shirt of Athletic. He entered the green with five minutes to go, with 1-2 on the electronic and when the Valladolid tighter. Waldo gave him enough war. It was located in a somewhat strange behind of three along with Vesga Y Walls to give more solidity to the defensive framework, but they failed to avoid the Blanquivioleta draw that led the match to penalties.