“You can tell that Real Madrid has something different in the Champions League”

Fabinho Tavares (28 years old) is an old acquaintance of Real Madrid. He played for Castilla and has ended up becoming Liverpool’s compass. The Brazilian midfielder has spoken about the duel in Paris and the Reds’ season, still recovering from his injury, but attended AS and EFE just after winning the FA Cup at Wembley.

photo by Fabinho

In terms of confidence, how does winning the FA Cup affect Liverpool?

It’s always good to win, win games, win trophies… today we won another one. It is already the second cup of the season and it makes the team gain confidence. We are very happy and we celebrate a lot… I think it still shows through my voice. But it always gives confidence to win and also (the FA Cup) it is a cup that we have been looking for a long time with this coach (Klopp).

Physically, how are they?

I think I can speak a little general: we are very tired. It’s true because we’ve been playing on weekends and during the week for a month now, always game after game and important games; which makes you physically and mentally tired as well, but this team worked very hard to get here, to this point in the season with a chance of winning all four trophies. There are few games left, there is a final sprint and the coach will have a bit of a headache to form a team because 120 minutes at this point in the season (for the FA Cup final) is not easy. I hope that those who play are well, prepared, because it will be very hard.

Speaking of the coach, Klopp said: “Fabinho will definitely be in the Champions League final.” What does Fabinho say?

Yes, I will be there… to play. We are working and recovering to be ready for that final. I am very calm and very confident that I will be there, so we have to keep working and resting to be at the best physical level for May 28.

They are going to face Real Madrid, have you followed their matches and their comebacks?

Yes, I have followed it. Especially the last three games. I think they didn’t play the same day as us and I watched the games. It is a team that is used to playing in the Champions League and when they say that Madrid has that something different in the Champions League, it shows that it is true. In the last three games they have won in a similar way, scoring two or more goals in a very short period of time and Madrid have deserved to be in the final as well, they have had a very good year. Let’s see what happens on the 28th, let’s hope we win.

After having passed through Madrid, is this final more special?

No, a Champions League final is very, very special. Some players have the opportunity to play it once or twice, which will be my case, others don’t play… So it’s always something very special, with the very nice stadium, with the fans of both teams, with my family it makes it more special. But having been at Madrid or having played for Castilla doesn’t make it more special or approach the game differently.

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