You are Real Madrid

Shortly after ending José Alvalade's entertaining friendly between Spain and Portugal, Sergio Ramos uploaded an image to his social networks that convulsed the entire madridismo. In it you could see the captain of Madrid and our National Team together with Cristiano Ronaldo and Pepe. Almost nothing to the device. The three pose in the locker room, with Ramos and Cristiano still bare-chested after the match. Ramos puts his hand over her shoulder with a sincere smile, the kind that only friends who truly appreciate each other can show. Pepe, wearing the Portugal tracksuit, smiles discreetly but proud to pose with the last two great legends of their countries … and Madrid.

Real Madrid Shield / Flag

Ramos put some words that fueled even more nostalgia and the lump in the throat of the Madridistas, many of whom did not hide their emotion on their Twitter or Instagram accounts. Sergio touched the heart: “We are still here … And what we have left. Happy to see you, friends”. At the time of writing these lines, the iconic image already had more than five million likes.

Do not forget that between the three they add almost 1,500 official matches with the shirt that they honored (and honor in the case of Sergio) of Real Madrid. He has 654 games with the camero, 438 played by Cristiano (with 450 goals!) And 334 by Pepe in the ten years he was at the Bernabéu.

Three colossal footballers who helped write the second best stage in the club's history (surpassed only by the five European Cups in a row by Di Stéfano, Gento, Rial and company). Real Madrid remembered for a moment the magical night of La Décima, with everyone hugging very close to that stadium where the photo was taken (in Da Luz, Benfica's field). We also saw the magical night of Milan, with Pepe crying with nerves and excitement in the legendary penalty shootout, while Ramos and Cristiano helped lift the Undécima against Atleti by transforming their last two decisive shots with great power.

We also remember how Pepe kissed the shield after a heroic victory at the Camp Nou in the League of Records (2012), or how Cristiano scored the heroic goal at Mestalla in extra time that knocked down Guardiola's imposing Barça. I am going to frame this image and I am going to hang it in my room. I will not be the only one, millions of Madridistas are proud of you three …