Yellu, the all-rounder who captivates Bordalás

To Jesus Santiago They call it Yellu since the 5 years. They say that such a nickname was given to him by the person who was his first coach at Deportiva Minera. Yellu is he last youth squad of Valencia that asks for a place among the elders, the fourth that José Bordalás has made his debut in the First Division after Jesús Vázquez, Mosquera and Rubén Iranzo. They are one of the few good things that has happened to Valencia in the league this season.

Yellu juice 35 minutes against him Villarreal y 45 against Betis in Mestalla, a few minutes that Bordalás has given him, who is delighted with his personality. The first thing the midfielder did when he went out to play in The ceramic It was take Capoué ahead. Thus, without complexes and without being old enough to drive (will turn 18 on May 25).

Shield/Flag Valencia

Yellu se premiere with the first team in training the week before the match against Atlético de Madrid at the Wanda and since then he has been combining Bordalás calls con ownership in it Juvenile Honor Division by Jose Bargues. That step from the Juvenile to the first team has raised some discrepancies in the Valencia Academy, due to Bordalás skipping the subsidiary, although talent does not understand age or categories.

The midfielder, with dorsal 44, completed against the Betis 20 good passes and 4 bad, made 3 recoveries and lost 8 balls. bordalas even thought of give ownership in this match, among other reasons because the man from Alicante feels that there are players who are not training as they should. “The substitution of Racic It was a decision based on performance and because in a tactical way he was even thinking of giving Yellu the starting role”, said Bordalás, who pointed out: “He has been training very well and can help us, curiously, on the play of the second goal he trusted the edge of the area very easily, but he is very young“.

David GonzálezYellu, against Betis.

Yellu was born in 2004 in the Strait of San Ginésdistrict of Cartagena of 700 inhabitants, thus becoming the 25th Cartagena player to make his debut in the highest category of Spanish football. His beginnings in football were in the Sports Minera, where he was recruited for the Cartagena quarry. He was eight years old. At the age of 13, he signed the pacheco tower, club that has signed a collaboration agreement with Villarreal, although with 14 Yellu received the proposal from Valencia and the boy did not think about it.

His beginnings in Paterna’s Academy they were not easy. From a humble family his father is a bricklayer and his mother works in the hotel industry, Yellu had to adapt like so many other kids to life away from home at a far from usual age. Four years later, yellu has fulfilled the first of his dreams, debut in the First Division.

Yellu is a all-rounder He can play 6, 8 and even 10. Even in the Youth he has come to act as a central defender. He stands out for his power, his arrival and his character. The truth is that 2022 is being a great year for him. Debut in First, call of the Under-18 team y contract renewal until 2026with a clause of 30 million euros.