Yébenes San Bruno and EFM Aluche say 'no' to violence and insult


The children's teams A of the Aluche Municipal Soccer School and the Los Yébenes San Bruno Sports Club have jumped on Saturday to the field, to play their corresponding league match of the First Autonomous Group 4 in the Aluche municipal sports center, with a banner with the slogan 'No to insult', after the racist insults that a Los Yébenes player suffered last weekend in Youth Preferential.

With this symbolic gesture, and after the signing of a joint manifesto in response to the violence in football written and signed by both clubs last Thursday at the headquarters of the Royal Football Federation of Madrid, the will of both entities is expressed in promulgate the Clean Game among its players.

The manifesto comes after a youth category match was suspended last weekend, by arbitration decision, when an Aluche School fan directed a racist insult to a Los Yébenes player. That gesture provoked the immediate rejection reaction of the Aluche School. With the intermediation of the Royal Football Federation of Madrid, both clubs signed a joint manifesto to say no to physical and verbal violence.

As in the signing and delivery of the joint manifesto, the president of the RFFM, Paco Díez, has attended the act of starting the match accompanied by his sports vice president, José Luis Polo; the president of the Committee of Soccer Referees of Madrid, José Luis Lesma; and the member responsible for mediation in men's football, Guillermo Laborda.

The federative delegation, which also included the manager of the Coaches Committee, Luis Barba, has accompanied the representatives of the directors of the two clubs headed by the president of the Aluche School, José Francisco Cascales; and the vice president of Los Yébenes San Bruno, Julio Rodríguez.