Xavier Vilajoana will present his candidacy next week

There will be a continuing candidacy in the next elections for FC Barcelona. Continuing, but with nuances, because Xavier Vilajoana, until last Tuesday responsible for the subsidiary, training and women's football, stands out in many of the lines imposed by his former colleagues on the board. The former manager plans to announce his candidacy for the club's elections in a ceremony to be convened next week.

Barcelona Shield / Flag

Remember that Vilajoana was one of the most critical voices within the club in the face of Josep Maria Bartomeu's stubborn resilience to remain in office at all costs. Up to three times, the manager resigned, but the Blaugrana leader always ended up managing to slow down the momentum of his boardmate.

So that, Everything indicates that Vilajoana and Toni Freixa will be the candidates who will dispute the vote of the supporters of Josep Maria Bartomeu -it remains to be seen what steps Emili Rousaud will take-, within the range of possibilities that are glimpsed in these elections. Of course, both will have to exceed the bar of the more than two thousand signatures required to be able to officially enter the electoral race.

Vilajoana's strong point is his football knowledge: not in vain did he become a Blaugrana youth soccer player, although he never played for the first team. His professional ‘resume’ is absolutely successful: he has four majors, including business and engineering, in addition to being the administrator of a construction company, Grupo Euroconstruc, based in Barcelona, ​​which has subsidiaries in Brazil, Algeria and Morocco.

Vilajoana's weak point is his anonymity: he has always taken refuge under the shadow of Laporta, Sandro Rosell and Bartomeu, at different stages, so most fans hardly know him. In fact, his name has come up, in recent days, by a tweet he wrote, during the Classic dispute, where he strongly criticized the referee, after Lenglet's alleged grab on Sergio Ramos inside the area. “This is a fucking scandal, Munuera you can go shit”, was his angry reaction to the play in question, although he later qualified his statements in another tweet.

Starting next week, the partners will be able to put a face to Vilajoana, and also hear his reasons for presenting himself as a candidate for the next elections of FC Barcelona.

Elections that, for now, They have already confirmed five pre-candidacies: Victor Font, Agustí Benedito, Jordi Farré, Toni Freixa and Fernández Alà, who will be joined by Viljoana next week, and everyone is waiting for the step that Joan Laporta ends up taking.