The coach of FC Barcelona, effectiveness as a big problem for a team that is “under construction.”

“The way it wasn't was bad. The defeat pisses us off because we had the game in our hands. We didn't take advantage of our moments and Girona did. It was an exchange of blows, that's why I say it was a game of chaos. They “They have hit us hard and we haven't. We must be much more effective, it is marking our season,” he said at a press conference.

“We must be more forceful in both areas. We have not been in that high pressure, after a loss. We have dropped this season in that aspect, and effectiveness. We have to continue working and believing, we have not played a bad game. It is a blow hard but we must continue,” Lluís Companys added at the Olímpic.

The Barça coach pointed out that the lack of forcefulness at the back is also due to the fact that as a block, a Barça that does not press and steal from the top is not as intense as last year. “At the group level we are not so strong. We lowered the level today and that is why Girona connected,” he stated.

“There will be some opinions, but people who analyze football say that something else could have happened. It's a step backwards. We have a Barça under construction and many times you have to take one step back to take two steps forward. Hopefully it will help us learn. and improve,” he said.

“We always have a lot at stake, always. This year we have four titles at stake and we are in the race. Now we are in an uncomfortable situation, but we have to continue believing. Today we are not playing a bad game. There is a lot left, we must be positive,” he added , praising Eric García who “plays without pressure” at Girona.