Xavi: “There is no controversy with De la Fuente, Gavi’s injury is due to the calendar”

“We lose Gavi and we are going to see if we can incorporate someone”


The coach of FC Barcelona, in a match in which Spain no longer had anything at stake.

“I have a very good relationship with De La Fuente. In fact, he called me ago, I think, it was March 11 or 10, he called me, we were talking, I have a very good relationship with him, the same as with Albert Luque, too. “I don’t see a problem with the management of the coach. I see it more with the calendar, with the load of games, with the fact that Gavi, at his age, has played many games,” he noted at a press conference.

“In line with many coaches who have said that the calendar is very demanding and in this sense I think it is the main reason for Gavi’s injury. Beyond the fact that it was fortuitous, it can happen to him in a game, in a training session. “It’s a misfortune and breaking your cruciate is often a matter of misfortune. There is no controversy, none, with De la Fuente. There is a good relationship, the injury is a matter of the calendar, of too many games, I would say,” Xavi reiterated.

Of course, he described the loss of Gavi as a “disgrace.” “His loss is very important for us, it is a disgrace. I think he is an irreplaceable player because of the heart, the passion, the courage, the desire that he puts into him,” he said about the midfielder.

“We have to try to replace them, it will be difficult because he is a player who contributes a lot to us in this sense, plus his quality as a footballer in terms of talent. And tomorrow is a game in which we precisely need Gavi,” he noted, in reference to the visit to the Rayo Vallecano this Saturday in LaLiga EA Sports.

Xavi, who as a player went through a situation similar to Gavi’s, was clear with the young international player. “After breaking my cruciate ligament, I think I was even more professional and this is what I have conveyed to Gavi, that he should not skip a single day of recovery. That if he has to do one more day, he should do it, that recovery is the key to recovering the knee. In the end what worries us now about Gavi is that he is well, that he is calm and that he recovers as best as possible,” he recommended to his player.

As for going to the transfer market to try to replace Gavi, or cover his record, he was blunt. “I am in contact with the ‘presi’ and with Deco on a daily basis. That is to say, what we think is appropriate we will announce. They know my position, I also always listen to theirs. And from there there is a consensus, there is no problem “We’re going to see what we can do, we’re going to see. Obviously we lose a player all season, which is Gavi, and we’re going to see if we can incorporate someone,” he said.